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About Us


For almost a century, Calgary Humane Society has been more than a shelter. As Calgary’s first-established animal welfare organization, connecting the lives of animals and people while providing essential animal services to the community remains our central priority.

Today, Calgary Humane Society (CHS) shelters thousands of homeless, neglected and abused animals each year. In 1922, we began our mission to help as many animals as we could and we continue to do so by fostering the values of respect, compassion, commitment, teamwork, integrity and innovation.

Our mission is to help as many animals as we can.

Our vision is using innovative strategies to lead, inspire, and educate in the humane treatment of companion animals; fostering an enlightened community that consistently demonstrates respect; and showing compassion for all animals.

Our dream is a community where animals are valued, humanely treated, and live enriched lives.


If you wish to donate to Calgary Humane Society, please visit our website